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Milk Kefir History - Where do Kefir Grains Come From

Milk Kefir History – Where do Kefir Grains Come From?

Milk kefir is much more popular than water kefir (the other type of kefir). Previously we talked about water kefir grains and its origin and now the time has come for the tasty milk kefir. The origin story of milk kefir grains is full of rich history and it is a very interesting read. So, let’s jump straight in! Origin Story of Kefir in the Caucasus Mountains Where do kefir grains come from? Well, the...

What Are Water Kefir Grains

What Are Water Kefir Grains?

Water kefir is a popular drink these days and it’s starting to gain more popularity by each passing month. It is a delicious mildly fermented sugar and water drink. Water kefir is a natural, light and refreshing traditional drink that is ideal as a healthy beverage alternative.  This drink is free of caffeine and it has a low glycemic content. But, how to make water kefir? Well, the answer is water kefir grains. Water kefir...

How to Store Water Kefir Grains_

How to Store Water Kefir Grains?

If you own healthy water kefir grains, they will continually grow and multiply as they feed on their food source. In this case, the food source is the sugar water. But, how to store water kefir grains? There are so many ways in which you can store your kefir grains. Storage of kefir grains is important as it helps you save the backup in case you need new grains. It is also useful if you...

6 Best Milk Kefir Grains to Buy

Milk Kefir Grains: 6 Best Milk Kefir Grains to Buy

Did you know that milk kefir is an incredibly healthy beverage? It is an amazing probiotic, contains tons of nutrients, can improve bone health and even be protective against cancer! And the best part is that you can totally make milk kefir all on your own using an ordinary kitchen. By the way, you would literally need only two ingredients. Those are milk and milk kefir grains. Now, you would certainly not experience any problems...

6 Best Water Kefir Grains to Buy.

Buy Water Kefir Grains: 6 Best Water Kefir Grains to Buy

Water kefir is a carbonated, fermented liquid. It is produced with the help of water kefir grains. That’s a culture that looks like grains and contains a lot of beneficial bacteria and yeast.  Water kefir is great for your immune system and can even with the fight against cancer cells! And the best part is that you need only a few ingredients to prepare this amazing beverage at home. The main ingredient is certainly the...

How to Activate Water Kefir Grains

How to Activate Water Kefir Grains?

Water kefir is a Turkish beverage that comes from the Turkish word ‘Keif’, which describes a good feeling or state of feeling good. As its name implies, we’re talking about a beverage that’s derived from water, with added sugar. Simply put, water kefir is a natural light soda beverage that’s much healthier than any ordinary soda you can buy at your local store. Its low glycemic load and practically no caffeine make it an ideal...