Milk Kefir Grains: 6 Best Milk Kefir Grains to Buy

Did you know that milk kefir is an incredibly healthy beverage? It is an amazing probiotic, contains tons of nutrients, can improve bone health and even be protective against cancer! And the best part is that you can totally make milk kefir all on your own using an ordinary kitchen.

By the way, you would literally need only two ingredients. Those are milk and milk kefir grains.

Now, you would certainly not experience any problems with finding milk in your fridge, but what about these grains? Where can you get milk kefir grains?

Today we have come up with a list of 6 best milk kefir grains to buy for those who are ready to try and make this nutritious beverage at home.

In case you are eager to get to know the names of the brands, here is our list. For a detailed review of each of them please continue reading the article.

1. Live Organic Milk Kefir Grains by Crave Longevity

2. Poseymom Fresh Live Milk Kefir Grains

3. Milk Kefir Starter Cultures

4. Kefir Grains “As Seen On TV”

5. Organic Milk Kefir Grains by Mr. and Mrs. Kefir

6. Tibetan Mushroom Milk Kefir Grains

Review: 6 Best Milk Kefir Grains to Buy

Can’t wait to get started? Here is our review of the best milk kefir grains available on the market nowadays.

1. Live Organic Milk Kefir Grains by Crave Longevity

Live Organic Milk Kefir Grains SCOBY - 1 TBSP by Crave Longevity®
  • You will receive x1 measured tablespoon of live milk kefir grains and full instructions with a kefir smoothie recipe. Ferment any animal milk of your choice including cow, sheep and goats milk. After just 2-3 ferments of 250mls our kefir grains will ferment 1 litre of milk. Milk kefir is a probiotic and nutrient rich beverage that all the family can enjoy, it aids digestions and boosts immunity.
  • ✔ HIGH IN PROBITIC BACTERIA - 1,000,000+ Cfu/g active 'friendly' bacteria, regularly tested for harmful pathogens.
  • ✔ EASY TO MAKE - Step by step instructions included, email and phone support available.
  • ✔ COST EFFECTIVE - Look after your grains and you'll never need to buy more, you make probiotics for the price of milk.
  • ✔ LIVE ORGANIC CULTURE - Made with organic milk, no additives or GM ingredients.

Only a tablespoon of live milk kefir grains for such a price? That’s right. But bear in mind that you are getting over a million friendly bacteria in that tiny amount of grains. Moreover, these little guys have been tested for harmful pathogens, so they certainly are safe.

The grains come with an easy to follow instruction and even a milk kefir smoothie recipe. In case there is something wrong with your grains or you can’t really understand what to do with them – e-mail and phone support are available.

To ensure that the grains are active and alive, the company firstly tests and then activates the batch after two weeks at a constant warm temperature. The product is made with organic milk.

Check out the current price for Live Organic Milk Kefir Grains by Crave Longevity on Amazon.

2. Poseymom Fresh Live Milk Kefir Grains

POSEYMOM Milk Kefir Grains | DIY Fermented Priobiotic Health Drink Starter Culture | 1 Heaping Teaspoon Fresh, Live Grains | Full & Easy Online Instructions | Makes One Cup Beverage
  • HAPPY GUT, BETTER HEALTH. 💚 Restore your body's natural balance and strengthen your "inner self" at the cellular level by boosting your gut biome. Milk kefir is rich in probiotics, which can help your gut function properly, boost your immune system, and increase overall wellness.
  • FERMENT WITH CONFIDENCE. 💪 First-time brewer? No problem! Our detailed, easy-to-follow instructions are online and print-friendly. We also offer personalized support via email for all our customers, so you can ferment your milk kefir grains with confidence.
  • GET WELL THE NATURAL WAY. 🌱 Our kefir grains are grown with 100% all-natural ingredients. No artificail colors, flavors, or preservatives have ever touched our cultures. Get back in touch with nature by growing and drinking completely natural, rich probiotics.
  • HOMEGROWN AND FAMILY OWNED. 🏠 We're a family run and opperated company out of West Texas. That means each and every scoop of POSEYMOM milk kefir grains is hand grown, hand picked, and packaged and shipped with love.
  • SAVE MOTHER EARTH. 🌎 By fermenting your own milk kefir, you get more beneficial bacteria than store-bought alternatives. You also reduce your footprint, saving Mother Earth and your health at the same time.

You will also be receiving starter kefir milk. The customers admit that the starter is incredibly helpful and the first batch will be ready the next day. The grains already are big, so that it’s even easier for you to start. However, during the actual fermenting process the milk kefir grains will be growing, even more, so you will soon have a lot of new ones. In case you take good care of your grains, a single teaspoon can last you for years and years.

These milk kefir grains are cultured in whole milk. You can always flavor the beverage with different fruits, juices or even syrups.

Check out the current price for Poseymom Fresh Live Milk Kefir Grains on Amazon.

3. Milk Kefir Starter Cultures

Kefir Starter Cultures - 3 sachets for up to 100 liters of Kefir - Highest Quality
  • Make up to 100 liters of Kefir
  • Kefir Supports and optimizes your intestinal flora, immune system and digestive system
  • Supports body functions and resistance to disease
  • An easy and fast way to prepare your own health drink

This product will help you make up to a hundred liters of milk kefir. It is a great option for those who are not ready to invest their time in cultivating the grains. You will be getting packets of starter cultures in the form of a powder. Even though these living milk kefir grains come in powder form, they have just the same properties and the same nutritional value as ordinary grains.

With this package, you can start a new culture every four or five weeks. The product contains seven strains of bacteria. You will be getting three sachets full of live milk kefir starter cultures. Many clients admit that this is the easiest and most hassle-free way of making milk kefir.

Check out the current price for Milk Kefir Starter Cultures on Amazon.

4. Kefir Grains “As Seen On TV”

The company claims that they have the milk kefir grains of the best quality and that you would need only that single tablespoon at the beginning to never buy milk kefir from somewhere else ever again.

The grains might seem a bit too small once you receive them. That is intentionally made so that the active bacteria can survive the journey. Take your time and spend some days on ‘awakening’ the product. Add about half of a cup of milk and then change it every day for about 3-5 days. The grains will start to grow and soon you will be able to produce large quantities of milk kefir.

Check out the current price for Kefir Grains “As Seen On TV” on Amazon.

5. Organic Milk Kefir Grains by Mr. and Mrs. Kefir

Milk Kefir Grains, Strainer, Jar Lid and Spoon Included
  • probiotic kefir kefir milk kefir health
  • healthy flora stomach health digestion
  • scoby gut bacteria culture

Mr. and Mrs. Kefir is one of the most popular companies that specialize in kefir nowadays. They stand by the quality of their product so you can easily contact the company if you are not satisfied with your buy.

The two tablespoons of grains come with instructions, a long spoon, and a strainer. Take your time to let the milk kefir grains grow. However, the most important thing is that the grains are alive and active.

Check out the current price for Organic Milk Kefir Grains by Mr. and Mrs. Kefir on Amazon.

6. Tibetan Mushroom Milk Kefir Grains

No products found.

You will be receiving Tibetan Mushroom milk kefir grains. To activate them try placing the grains in milk for about 24 hours. Later on, strain and place the grains in fresh milk. Rinse and repeat the process. For more activation instructions you can always visit the company’s website.

The grains get large fast and tend to grow in ribbons. Make sure that you culture them at room temperature.

Check out the current price for Tibetan Mushroom Milk Kefir Grains on Amazon.

What Would You Need to Make Milk Kefir?

But before you place the order on the Internet, let’s find out what exactly you have to do to turn the strange-looking grains into a real magical potion.

When it comes to choosing the equipment, you will certainly be able to find the right supplies in your kitchen. However, bear in mind that if at some point, you decide that you want to become a pro at making milk kefir, then you would want to invest in the best possible equipment that you can easily find online.

When it comes to the supplies, you would need an ordinary glass jar, a rubber band, a stirring utensil (not made out of metal) and a cover for the jar. Make sure that the cover is ‘breathable’. That can be a paper towel, a coffee filter or even an ordinary towel.

When it comes to the actual ingredients list, it is as simple as it can possibly be.

You would need goat or cow milk and one or two teaspoons of active milk kefir grains.

How to Make Milk Kefir?

Don’t worry, the instructions are easy to follow:

  • Place your grains and milk right into the glass jar (you can use up to four cups of milk).


  • Cover the whole thing with your breathable material and secure it with a rubber band.


  • Find a warm spot (68-85 F) and leave the jar there, so that the grains can thrive.


  • Usually, the whole process takes around 24 hours. But if the temperature is a bit higher, then your kefir might be ready even earlier. How to know, if the beverage is ready? The milk will become a bit thicker and the whole thing will have a pleasant smell.


  • Remember to separate your milk kefir from the grains. The kefir can be kept in the fridge and the grains can be used for a new batch of cow or goat milk. By the way, you can totally use your clean fingers to remove the grains.

Starting your own milk kefir production is so insanely simple that you should definitely give it a try. Remember that if you take proper care of the grains, you might end up having an infinite supply of a nutritious beverage for the rest of your life.

Sounds great, right?

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