Kefir Weight Loss Testimonials: “Kefir Changed My Life”

In this article, we have compiled some of the kefir weight loss testimonials. But why is it really so effective for weight loss?

Here is the thing. Kefir has a lot of health benefits but its slimming power is what everyone is talking about. This is because kefir is a natural weight loss technique. Kefir helps with weight loss in a number of ways because it contains bacteria that eliminates constipation and promote digestion. This drink digests fats in a more effective way and also eliminates toxic substances from the body. It is also rich in proteins. High protein food helps burn fat more efficiently. Consuming it helps with the regulation of cholesterol levels in the blood because of low-calorie levels.

There are two forms of Kefir that will help with loss of weight, milk kefir and water kefir. It’s recommended to take water kefir since it contains more weight loss properties. This article is, going to give some testimonies of individuals who have taken kefir for weight loss. They had really good results with it. After reading our kefir weight loss testimonials you will understand why kefir is recommended for anyone struggling with weight.

People’s Testimonials of Using Kefir for Weight Loss

Testimonial #1: Brandy S.

He shared his testimony where kefir helped him a great deal in losing the desired weight.

”Over the past years, I had gained weight. This was mainly because I took too many fatty foods. I tried changing my diet slightly by taking foods that had less calories but the weight loss was just slight and remained constant. Later I discovered the kefir drink and decided to give it a try. I tried taking at least a jar every week. With time the cravings for kefir increased but my cravings for carbs and sweets had reduced.

As you start to see the results of the weight loss you also start to eat more healthier food. I lost 7 lbs within 2 months and at first, I didn’t recognize that it was affected by kefir. I couldn’t understand why the weight loss happened since I wasn’t on any diet until I read about kefir. How this is a probiotic that aids with weight loss. Big thanks to kefir, it helped me get rid of the excess weight I had gained from improper eating and stress.”

Testimonial #2: Amber Brunson

“I had gained too much weight and I began by fasting several times a week and it worked since I lost about 60 pounds. I tried taking fermented products such as kefir. Taking water kefir and also fermented vegetables, helped me a lot since I lost more weight naturally and also cured some infections I had.”

Testimonial #3: Rebecca Willis

”I tried taking kefir without any advice from a doctor because I thought it might help with my condition. I took it for about two months and I found positive effects. Slowly I started losing weight without even trying. My wedding ring was getting loose and my belly stuck out less. This was accompanied by other positive effects. I was in a positive mood, this experience thrilled my husband and he also tried taking kefir.”

Testimonial #4: Anji Sandage

”I thought things were good when actually they weren’t, I gained too much weight and was so depressed. After getting my first child, I gained too much weight. Before I gave birth, I was not thin but I gained even more extra weight after giving birth. This really got me upset. I tried exercising after my first child. Instead of losing weight, I gained more, this got me exhausted and I couldn’t exercise anymore.

After a while, I had to visit a doctor since I was getting extremely overweight and I also stopped having my menstrual periods. That’s when I asked the doctor to perform some tests to check for my thyroid functions. The results were negative, I was fine. The doctor advised me that I needed to lose weight by doing exercise and also work on my diet. I tried eating better by following the food pyramid more closely. Started avoiding fatty foods as much as possible.

I developed cravings for sugars and my skin, my nails got dry and fragile. My hair also got weak and it was shedding all over the house. By the time my child was 3 years old, I was like a woman in menopause, I was sweating overnight. I gave up on the idea of having more children since I got so sick and even wished I died rather than live in pain. I never acted to my feelings since I had two kids who needed me. In 2001 I had to quit my teaching job so I could concentrate my energy on basic survival. I started visiting the library once a week and that changed my life.

I came across the book Calories Don’t Count, by Herman Taller. The book didn’t talk much about dieting but it talked about how fats function and how our bodies needed it. The book gave some examples of experiments with low fat using rats and some research done by Dr. Weston about dietary fat that captivated me. It was so relevant since the symptoms that I had were similar to the symptoms the rats in the study had. I did more research on Dr. Weston and that’s when I realized that I was doing all this to myself with the food I was consuming.

I knew how to cook real food since I was a farm girl. So, I began doing it. Slowly I started feeling better, I went from 300 plus pounds to 215. I was feeling a little bit normal but still, I was infertile. Then I started looking for raw milk. I contacted every dairy and they told me that it was dangerous and illegal to take raw milk. After I while I found a place where they had this kind of milk. I gained back my strength for the first time in years. Later I found kefir grains and I took ¼ of kefir daily, I started taking flaxseed oil together with my kefir and in two weeks’ time I got pregnant and this time I didn’t gain excess weight. Was also back to my normal weight after I gave birth, Kefir did its magic.”

Kefir Changed Their Lives

Kefir is a natural remedy for weight loss as it is evident from the testimonials above. You might be struggling to exercise or even trying to get on the diet but all you need is kefir. One can exercise but you also need to include kefir as part of the diet and in no time you will have positive results after taking it regularly for some time.

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