Water Kefir Dosage: How Much Water Kefir to Drink per Day?

We all know about the health benefits of milk and water kefir.

Here, we will talk more specifically about how much water kefir to drink per day, if you want to find out about how much kefir to drink in general you can read our other article.

Water kefir is a mildly acidified probiotic, which also obtains its medicinal properties by fermentation (acidification). Health benefits are obtained from water crystals or gelatinous granules that form a group of useful bacteria and yeasts. Water kefir is also known as Japanese water crystal, sugar crystal, and tibicos.

But, one of the main questions, when we consume our delicious water kefir is:

Ηοw much water kefir we have to consume in order to heal some disease or to protect our health in general?

How much Water Kefir to Drink per day?

Just like milk kefir, a minimum of 1 l of water kefir is consumed per day for healing purposes. Otherwise, both milk and water kefir should be used daily in quantity as desired. But, like any healthy beverage that is introduced into everyday nutrition, we need to gradually introduce them to the body. Our body needs time to get used to the changes. It is therefore advisable to start with a small amount of 1 dl per day and gradually increase the daily intake.

Apart from being different in taste and appearance, water kefir has the same therapeutic effects on the body as the milk kefir. It is perfect for people who do not consume dairy products and who like to enjoy different tastes of fruits. People with a sensitive stomach should be drinking milk kefir until the stomach stabilizes and then try to drink water kefir.

Fermentation of water kefir lasts for 24-72 hours. The same as milk kefir, the water kefir with longer fermentation gets a stronger taste and has higher alcohol content. For starters, you can make a small amount of water kefir until you find your taste.

The resulting drink is great for healing and for prolonging life. It is consumed every day, half or an hour before or after eating and do not drink it with food, for better response.

For severe and long illnesses, it is recommended to consume half a liter in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It helps with a hard stool after 24 hours and after it is consumed every night for at least 4 weeks. After 2-3 days it helps with diarrhea. Since water kefir is a low sugar beverage it is recommended for diabetics.

Dosage of Water Kefir for Different Diseases:

  • Nerve diseases (1 liter per day)

Water kefir reduces stress and tiredness. It has shown its effect in various neurological problems and mental illnesses where the symptoms were successfully calmed down. Also helps with insomnia and sleep-related problems, removes stress, relaxes the body and nerves, and revitalizes the exhausted organism. It also reduces the physical symptoms of stress, such as hair loss and week nails.

  • Ulcer (1 liter per day)

After using water kefir for 2 months the ulcer will disappear.

  • Asthma, bronchial diseases (1 liter per day)

It is hard to treat asthma in general, so consuming water kefir to treat asthma will take a longer time period but be persistent.

  • Regulation of body weight and blood pressure (1 liter per day)

Water kefir shows very favorable results in treating heart and blood vessel diseases. Successfully regulates blood pressure, and also reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

  • Anemia and leukemia (1 liter per day), in severe cases 2 liters per day

Tibicos grains stimulate red blood cells and are great in the fight against anemia and painful menstruation. It also stimulates the growth of platelets and is therefore great for treating wounds. They will quickly heal, which is very important for diabetics. In that case, it is essential to take into account the amount of sugar in the recipe. It is not a cure for leukemia, but it helps with symptoms and it is a great supplement for improving our immune system.

  • Difficulties in the stomach (1 liter per day)

Water kefir beverage also helps with the regular digestion of a lusty meal. Also for any stomach problems, because water kefir is a powerful probiotic. After 2-6 months the symptoms will disappear.

  • Allergy, eczema, and blisters (a liter a day),

Painful parts of the skin can be massaged with crystals (water kefir grains), after 2-4 weeks the skin is normalized. Read more about how water kefir benefits skin in our article. 

  • Inflammation, kidney and bladder problems (1 liter per day)

Drinking water kefir will help with any of these problems. It works best with kidney and bladder problems as they are connected. Consume kefir every 2 hours (1 liter per day). This will ensure that your body is being cleansed from other toxins.

  • Diseases of the stomach and internal organs, even in acute liver inflammation (1 liter per day)

The grains protect the canals of the bile, the twelve-gut, and melt the gallstones. They regulate the work of the kidneys or kidneys without full capacity. It helps in the removal of harmful substances from the body and is also recommended in the Candida treatment. Also, tibicos helps in removing excess water from the body.

  • Cancer medicine (1-2 liters per day)

Perhaps the most important feature of water kefir is the ability to regulate the exchange of defenses in the body. It enhances the production of lymphocytes, the blood cells that are our biggest protector in the defense of the body. They have an extremely important role in protecting against severe diseases such as AIDS and various types of tumors.

Water kefir can prevent the recovery of old metastases and prevent new ones, making them a great additive in cancer therapy.

Always Start with Smaller Quantities of Water Kefir

No matter what is your reason for taking water kefir, it’s always wise to start with smaller quantities. The normal amount is about 1-4 cups a day. It’s also important to remember that balance is always the key to good health. Some people who try it for the first time are having problems adjusting to the alcohol, carbonation, a high concentration of probiotics or its acidic nature. In this case, it is wise to start slowly and allow the body and digestive system to adjust. Start with 1/8 cup a day, and then gradually increase the consumption to 1/4 per week (it’s not bad to skip several days just to give rest to the body).

Some people even try using water kefir with meals, for example, the breakfast. After one or two weeks, the amount of water kefir again increases until the desired intake is reached. Water kefir can also be used in very large quantities as a medical aid (after chemotherapies, where 4 cups a day can be helpful). It is not good to consume water kefir continuously without any rest (as it is not wise to exercise continuously without any rest, variety and recovery are important for the body itself). Even Tibet people believed that the best way to drink water kefir is 2 cups a day and after 20 days to take a 10-day break from kefir, to completely rest the body.

It is sometimes possible to get more serious side effects when using water kefir. This can happen if you have some health conditions that recommends the use of fewer probiotics, fermented foods, and similar. After the use of water kefir, some people can get a detox-crisis. There is always a need for advice from a doctor if this condition occurs. In these cases, it is also necessary to find the required limit of kefir intake.

Once you get used to the taste and its very own use, you will no longer feel the unpleasant symptoms. You will begin feeling the positive changes and privileges from the kefir in approximately 2 weeks.

Give your new probiotic friends a new home by feeding them appropriately. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and less meat. You do not need to become a vegetarian and cut off the meat from your diet but pay more attention to plant foods. Don’t exclude water!

You can read more about water kefir health benefits in our article.

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