Water Kefir Benefits Weight Loss? (Water Kefir Diet Included)

Have you ever heard about kefir? You probably did, but did know about its amazing benefits? And did you know that its majesty is also honored for increasing our immune system and that in fact water kefir benefits weight loss?

Water kefir belongs to the group of fermented products that help not only in increasing our immune system, but also help when it comes to losing weight. Other foods that help reducing weight are pickled cabbage, pickled vegetables, and yogurt. All of these fermented foods accelerate the metabolism, are easily digestible, contain little calories and are saturated. Fermented foods also enable the proper functioning of the digestive system, and the greatest merit is in the substantial content of fibers.

How Water Kefir Benefits Weight Loss?

We can freely say that the water kefir is the king of fermented dairy products. It is extremely rich in probiotics that will make your digestive system function much better, and therefore it will also make it easier for you to lose weight. These grains dissolve fat and transform it into a basic synthesis that is later eliminated from the body itself.

With the use of water kefir, the appetite drastically decreases, which significantly has an impact on the weight loss process. And this is the moment when the weight loss with water kefir starts. It is important to note that kefir works favorably on the bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. The grains balance and take away all the poison from the body.

Water kefir is a mildly fermented drink, with refreshing-acidic taste and a mild note of fresh yeast. We can substitute kefir for juice.  Also, it is very suitable for anyone who does not prefer milk kefir. There are many names which follow this probiotic: sugar kefir, tibicos, water kefir, pearly tears, and Japanese crystals.

Water Kefir Benefits Weight Loss

When we regularly consume kefir, not only does it strengthen our immune system, it also regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels, helps with anemia and bowel disease, and acts against yeast and bacteria.

Most of the studies show that kefir diets are healthy and effective. There are different kefir diets, for losing weight on a short or a long term. Before the beginning of the first diet with kefir, you need to know how your organism will behave when using kefir for more than a few days.

Dosing and How Our Body Will React When We Start Consuming Water Kefir

In the beginning, you’ll consume 100 ml of kefir per day, gradually increasing the dose until the body is acclimated. In the first 10-14 days of its consumption, the bowel activity will increase, which is manifested in the form of increased release of gases and changes in the color of the urine. Don’t worry this is a normal reaction, a sign that the process of cleaning and detoxification of the organism has begun.

After about ten days, the reaction from the body is terminated and the general condition is improved. People with increased acid should pay attention. It is better to drink kefir which is fermented for 12 hours (and not 24 hours). If you are taking other medications, you must make a pause between taking the medication and kefir for 3 hours. When you consume kefir, refrain from alcohol.

How Many Calories Does Water Kefir Have?

There is no correct answer to this question because it depends on how much the grains was used and how much sugar was added. But, it is safe to say that the calorie count is very small, almost close to zero. There are many ways to keep a healthy diet with water kefir.

Water kefir and weight loss are connected, and one of the ways to achieve this goal is holding a mono-kefir diet. You can daily drink about 1.5 liters of this drink for 3 days, at equal intervals. Keep in mind that no matter how good this drink is, a homogeneous diet is never a good option. However, in this way, you can reduce 4-5 kilograms in a short time frame. With the mono diet, you will probably feel weak, as this is a sudden change in a diet due to the deprivation of calories. You can always choose other kefir diets, which are mixed with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Kefir Diet with Apples

Kefir diet with apples is one of the most effective kefir diets, although it is very restrictive. It is most commonly applied before the summer season and it is not recommended in the winter period. Kefir diet with apples lasts for 7 days where you will have to drink daily 1.5 liters of kefir and eat up to 1.5 kilograms of apples. You can lose 6 pounds with this diet (around 3 kg).

The basic rules of this diet are:

You should drink 10 glasses of water per day and 1 liter of kefir each day (1 cup on an empty stomach and 1 cup of kefir before bed).

Day 1: Any fruit can be eaten except bananas. Melons and watermelons are especially recommended.

Day 2: It is allowed to eat raw and boiled vegetables (without fat). It is best to begin the day with roasted or cooked potatoes (without fat), but eat them cold (because of the resistant starch).

Day 3: Fruits and vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities (except bananas and potatoes).

Day 4: Eat six bananas during the day.

Day 5: This is the most enjoyable day for eating beef or chicken (white meat) with tomatoes (sauce without flour and fat).

Day 6: The intake of food for day 6 consists of unleavened beef or chicken and vegetables in any quantity.

Day 7: You can eat vegetables and cold rice (cold for resistant starch) and drink fruit juices (low in sugar).

21 Day-Water Kefir Diet

The 21-day kefir diet will help you lose up to 10 pounds. With this diet, you can avoid problems with sluggish metabolism because you will gradually lose weight.

The rules and principles of the diet:

1. Drink 1 liter of kefir per day.

2. It is allowed to eat fruits (except bananas) and vegetables without starch (potatoes and legumes are prohibited, other root vegetables are allowed in smaller quantities).

3. Sugar (all sugar, except fresh fruit) is strictly forbidden, as well as all kinds of flour (except seeds), cheese, butter, margarine, and alcohol.

4. It is allowed to eat cooked meat and fish with a low-fat content, but not more than once in three days.

5. It is allowed to use foods with a maximum of 5 grams of salt per day.

6. Intervals between meals should be the same.

7. It is recommended for five to six meals a day.

Experiences with water kefir diets are great because most testimonials from people when using these dies are positive. The probiotics found in kefir can help you reduce weight, reduce cholesterol levels, purify your internal ecosystem, improve bowel movement and lose weight. In addition, it regulates the micro-flora and fights the Candida Albicans, which can sometimes be the reason why you eat too many sweets. When there are too many sweets, there is no place for weight loss.

In the end, the final result is having a nice healthy body, the most important accomplishment for your health. Take care of what you eat, reduce alcohol, sleep well, avoid stress, and practice regularly. That is the right way for keeping your health, happiness, and life in order. The more you look out for yourself, the more you will love yourself and with all of that, you will be loved by your loved ones even more!

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